Tai Bibbs

Tai Bibbs (Profile)

Tai Bibbs came to Dark Horse Recruiting from West Chicago High School as a basketball client. Our staff appreciated his skills and his 6’ 3” frame, but more importantly, they noted his passion and work ethic. Tai’s attitude translated to great success on the court. When he signed on, Tai had not secured a single offer. As a as a Class of 2017 graduate, he will have twenty-five full scholarship offers from NCAA Division One programs alone. He will be attending Columbia University in the fall where he will be on almost full scholarship. The school’s acceptance rate is roughly six percent.

Tai is a great example of a young student-athlete using their sport to help them get access to world-class academic opportunities. He will be able to pursue his dream of eventually playing professional basketball while also getting an incredible education. Tai himself said “Through the process I was told to use your basketball to set you up for life, get a good education. At the end of the day you’re not going to play ball forever.”