Dark Horse Sports Recruiting

Dark Horse Sports RecruitingDark Horse Sports Recruiting

Academics + Athletics = Student Athlete

A new approach to college recruiting built on passion for sports and serving student-athletes

Dark Horse Sports Recruiting LLC was built on the simple idea that great student-athletes excel on the field and in the classroom. We help high school students of all ages understand what it takes to be truly great both as an athlete and as a student so that they can go on to become a collegiate athlete. Each member of our staff is passionate about helping students find the right college and athletic program. Come learn more about some of our best.

We’re Dedicated To Your Student-Athlete’s Success

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Our Commitment To Athletics

From one-on-one guidance from an experienced mentor to personalized recruitment and marketing assistance, Dark Horse student-athletes are able to focus on improving their on-field skills while we manage critical contacts with Coaches and Athletic Departments.

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A Dedication To Academics

Academic Evaluations, Scholarship Analysis, and Application Consultations are just the beginning for a Dark Horse student-athlete. Understanding that sports are just part of the equation, we’re dedicated to ensuring a complete college experience.

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Dark Horse Sports Recruiting Mission Statement

“Helping student-athletes play the sports they love, at places they can excel, and at prices they can afford”

Our process helps talented student-athletes leverage their position to receive the maximum merit and need-based athletic and academic scholarships at their target schools.

At Dark Horse Recruiting, each client is specially paired with a personal recruiting mentor who will work directly with them to navigate the athletic recruiting process and get into the best program possible. Our mentors develop close relationships with their students and work as hard as they do to place them.

Building The Brand Of the Student-AthleteOur Dark Horse mentors focus on building up the brand of each of their students among college coaches. Mentors rely on the Dark Horse network as well as their own to reach out to coaches via phone, email, and in face-to-face meetings. Coaches will know exactly what our students are capable of.

Dark Horse Recruiting prides itself on its academic advantage. Each of our clients will be coached and educated on what it takes to make a great application, how to think about picking a school and major, how to successfully apply, and where to find the most scholarship aid.

Dark Horse Sports Recruiting Blog

Follow the latest news in collegiate sports, meet our newest and most promising college-bound athletes, straight-talking advive from Coache Chmiel and more.

2023 5’8 G Annalise Pietrzyk

Dark Horse Spotlight 2023 5’8 G Annalise Pietrzyk It’s not every day that a freshman walks into high school ready to be assigned the toughest varsity defensive assignment night in and night out. But [...]

2021 6’6 F Cameron Schmidt

Dark Horse Spotlight 2021 6’6 F Cameron Schmidt In an era of basketball that often favors finesse over grit, players who are willing to do the “dirty work” can be hard to find. Cameron [...]

2021 6’9 F Dylan Fuzak

Dark Horse Spotlight 2021 6’9 F Dylan Fuzak The step-out four has become one of the most coveted and valued positions in all of college basketball. Gone are the days of the traditional “back-to-the-basket” [...]

2021 5’4 PG Kenzie Senffner

Dark Horse Spotlight 2021 5’4 PG Kenzie Senffner In today’s game, the “true point guard” is a luxury that is increasingly difficult to find. This title does not apply to just anyone who can [...]

2021 5’8 G Lindsey Hahn

Dark Horse Spotlight 2021 5’8 G Lindsey Hahn Among college coaches, it is often said that there is always room for a kid who can shoot. If that’s true, then Lyons Township HS junior [...]

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