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2021 5’11 PG Jake Dimovski

Good point guards see the floor, making the right decisions based on the options that present themselves in the flow of the game.
Great point guards, though, make their decisions based on situations that haven’t even occurred yet.

2021 5’11 PG Jake Dimovski

2021 5’11 PG Jake Dimovski

According to Illinois Stars founder and Head Coach Troy Johnson, Jake Dimovski is a great point guard. “Jake sees the game 2-3 steps ahead of everyone else. He has great instincts even in the face of pressure, and he’s a winner who has won at every level where he’s played”.

Dimovski, a 5’11 rising senior floor general out of Downers Grove South High School, may be one of the most well-rounded point guards that the area has to offer in the class of 2021. A three-year varsity player at South by the time he graduates, Jake has leveraged his experiences filling several different roles on the basketball court to broaden the scope of the impact that he can have on the game. According to Johnson, who has coached Jake since he was in just fifth grade, Dimovski has always had a reputation for his deep shooting range and the consistent stroke that accompanies it. After two years of varsity basketball, though, that skill set has expanded, resulting in stronger ball-handling abilities, comfort playing off the dribble with an arsenal of shifty moves, finishing around the hoop from awkward angles, and developing an emphasis on the defensive end of the floor.

Moreover, Dimovski is a natural leader – the kind of player that other players gravitate towards. Perhaps his teammates are drawn to his well-spoken nature or his high basketball IQ, but it’s undeniable that his work ethic and toughness in the face of adversity have earned him the respect of those around him.

During the winter, Dimovski became an early target for several of the Midwest’s strongest small college programs, and the interest has only continued to build during the ongoing NCAA dead period. While there’s no question that Jake will continue to improve at the college level, he has the potential to be an immediate impact player in the right program. As such, many coaches have already made Jake a priority in their 2021 classes, making him a player who will be in high demand when college coaches return to club basketball games.

Now, allow us to introduce you to Jake in his own words:

  1. As you think ahead toward your ideal college situation, what factors are most important to you in picking a school? What are you looking for in a school and basketball program?
    I really would like to stay in the Midwest at a school with an on-campus culture. As a competitor, I also want to find a program that I can fit into as a freshman and play all four years. Winning is serious to me, and I want to be sure that those around me feel the same way.
  2. From your perspective, what are your greatest on-court strengths that you will bring to your future college program?
    Point Guard skills, including leadership on the court, being able to put my team in offensive sets and defensive sets, ball handling ability, passing ability, shooting ability and very high basketball IQ. I hate to lose and will bring my work ethic to the team all year around for all 4 years
  3. During this coronavirus-inflicted “shelter-in-place”, which aspects of your game are you working to improve? And how are you being creative with your workout routine?
    I lift every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and report to my strength training coach. On Tuesday and Thursday, I work out for 2 hours with my basketball trainer. I’ve been focusing on ball handling, spacing moves and lots of shooting, especially in the mid-range, off the dribble, and deep threes in the face of pressure.
  4. If we asked your teammates what their favorite part about playing alongside you was, what would they say?
    I am very competitive; I take stress and pressure off those around me when handling presses and aggressive defense with my ball handling and passing.  I find them when they are open and get them good looks.
  5. During this time in which college coaches cannot travel to watch you play live, what’s one thing you’d like for those coaches to know about you?
    Simply put, I love to win, and I want to be an asset to my future college program.

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