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2021 5’10 PG CJ Boberek

2021 5’10 PG CJ Boberek

2021 5’10 PG CJ Boberek

A point guard who facilitates offensively can maximize the scoring abilities of those around him. But one who brings the intensity defensively can maximize the output of his entire team.

That’s the effect that Geneva High School’s 2021 5’10 PG CJ Boberek has on the basketball court.

According to CJ’s skills trainer, Jeff Paglioca, “CJ is a defensive-minded, pass-first point guard who excels in transition and who is always looking for make plays for others. He’s a competitive, self-motivated worker and a high-academic student who is selfless and coachable”.

Indeed, Boberek has proven that he is capable of impacting the game on both ends of the floor. He works well in tight spaces offensively, handling pressure well and identifying passing lanes that the average guard would not see. This is especially true in pick-and-roll settings, where CJ is plays off his teammates effectively and demonstrates the basketball IQ necessary to make quick decisions. Moreover, Boberek has a smooth outside jumper and is not afraid to pull for perimeter shots, but does so only in the flow of the offense based on the rotation of a defense.

Defensively, CJ takes pride in picking up his matchup in a full-court setting, applying non-stop pressure whenever he’s on the floor. This defensive intensity often leads CJ to force turnovers, and he has consistently led his teams in steals during events played throughout the fall. He has also proven himself to be fearless against bigger opponents, oftentimes choosing the opposition’s best offensive player as his defensive target.

In the classroom, CJ has been nothing short of outstanding throughout his high school career. The current senior holds a perfect 4.0 GPA, which he has earned despite taking several difficult courses and balancing the rigors of training against his work in the classroom. As he looks ahead toward a college schedule that will be jam-packed with basketball and academics, he has already proven that he can handle the workload in ways that few students have.

Now, allow us to introduce you to CJ in his own words:

  1. As you think ahead toward your ideal college situation, what factors are most important to you in picking a school? What are you looking for in a school and basketball program? There are several factors I am taking into consideration in selecting the ideal college situation. They include the overall educational experience, the living situation, and the basketball program and philosophy. Specifically, I’m looking for a basketball program that promotes “team” to create a winning environment both on and off the court.
  2. From your perspective, what are your greatest on-court strengths that you will bring to your future college program? My greatest on-court strengths include my court vision and my ability to get my teammates involved. I work on ball handling, passing and shooting on a daily basis. Although I can shoot from the outside and finish at the rim, I often look for the best opportunity for scoring rather than playing one-on-one basketball. I believe that when five players play together the results can be phenomenal. Additionally, I believe working on my defensive skills since defense often creates offense.
  3. During these unprecedented times, which aspects of your game are you focused on developing? And how are you being creative with your workout routine? I have a court in my backyard so I am able work out daily. I spend time on a variety of aspects including dribbling, shooting finishing, shooting, and conditioning – isometrics, weight training, etc. I am also able to work with my personal trainer several times a week on strength and conditioning, shooting, finishing, and ball handling.
  4. If we asked your teammates what their favorite part about playing alongside you was, what would they say? They would say I always have high energy both on and off the court. I play every game full speed. They also would say I communicate with my teammates and present myself in a positive manner.  I strive to be a good teammate at all times.
  5. During this time in which few college coaches can travel to watch you play live, what’s one thing you’d like for those coaches to know about you? That I am a hard worker constantly striving to improve my game, even during this trying time. My work ethic on and off the court is both in school and playing basketball is key to who I am. Additionally, I constantly work on my basketball knowledge as well as shooting, finishing, ball handling, strength and agility drills.

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