Getting Started

The Dark Horse Recruiting Player Evaluation Process

If you are interested in working with Dark Horse Sports Recruiting, we will schedule a free session during which our scouts will come evaluate your child in order to determine a “target level” for him. Once we have agreed with a family on an athlete’s target level, that athlete becomes eligible for our services. This process is just a simple way of guaranteeing that we are on the same page as the families we work with before recruiting work begins.

Dark Horse Recruiting Divisions





Exhaustive Recruiting Services

Every student who works with Dark Horse Recruiting will go through a selection process where they are paired with a personal recruiting mentor. This mentor has had experience at the collegiate level, usually as a former Division I/II player or head recruiter. We carefully select our mentors based on their demonstrated passion working with students and their existing network of coaching contacts. They work with their students throughout their entire time with us through scheduled meetings and additional meetings as necessary. We help ensure that our students remain NCAA and NAIA compliant and eligible throughout the process

We create and distribute comprehensive highlight reels for our athletes multiple times per season to guarantee that coaches see our players showcase their abilities more than they see any other players in the country.

While we strive to find the perfect fits for all of our clients, we understand that some programs undergo changes that can greatly alter an athlete’s experience. So, unlike other recruiting organizations, Dark Horse Sports Recruiting guarantees full services to former clients who decide to transfer from one college to another at any point in their careers for no additional charge.

Students work with a Dark Horse Sports Recruiting mentor to identify and agree on a target level of play. They then work together to create an initial list of target schools to begin marketing towards. The list will change throughout the process as students explore their interests and narrow down their interests and focus.

Complete Academic Services

The academic admissions process for college is very complicated and nuanced. That is why we provide strategic consultations to all of our clients as often as they need. From helping students pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in their application to providing recommendations on high school class selection or activities, our clients know exactly where they stand and what they need to be competitive applicants.

Each student will submit their grades, test scores, transcripts, activity lists, and other materials to be evaluated. Their information will be analyzed through Dark Horse Recruiting’s proprietary admissions system in order to provide each student with an analysis of their current strengths and weaknesses of their admissions profile. The evaluations include targeted advice on how to improve their application as well as general comments on their current candidacy.

All seniors who are clients for Dark Horse Recruiting will work with academic specialists to develop a list of local, state/national, and school-specific scholarships that they may apply for. The research will help students understand which scholarships they have the best chance to actually receive, and what they can do to best improve their chances of getting even more aid.

When it comes time to apply for colleges, students will work with the Academic Division throughout the process of applying to make sure that their admissions essays, letters of recommendation, and activities are all presented in the best way possible. Typical services include essay editing, strategic advice on letters of recommendation, and selection of target programs.

Students will receive access to the Dark Horse Recruiting library of documents and information on topics ranging from how athletic recruiting to picking a major. If the company doesn’t have information on a topic our students are interested in, we do the research, find the experts, and create it.