Coach’s Corner: Camping At A College Day Two

Weekly Recruiting Thoughts from Legendary Recruiting Coordinator Bob Chmiel

After going to registration, meeting your position coach, getting your rooming assignment, and meeting your roommate, you are now ready for your first full day on the field.

Remember my rule about leaving for breakfast? Do not leave the room unless you AND your roommate are both up and ready to go. And make sure he understands this rule applies to him if you are about to oversleep. Nothing is more embarrassing than being late for a meeting or missing breakfast on day one of actual drills. When I actually coached my guys knew this rule – it is about being a teammate. Another important note: don’t skip breakfast to sleep in. You will need the energy.

After breakfast, you will attend another all-camp meeting. Here, the events of the day will be presented to you. Make sure you have a notebook and something to write with. All of the announcements will be important. After the meeting, usually, the entire camp will go to the field for stretching and a bit of running to loosen up. After these warm-ups, a number of positions will report to testing and the remainder will go with their position coaches for position-specific drills. Those who go to testing will be weighed, and your height will be measured and recorded on the camp computer. You will now be given an opportunity to stretch and to get ready for the physical portion of the testing – don’t get nervous! Easy for me to say, sure, but I know you will want to do your best. But trust me, work on getting a mindset that helps to block out all that surrounds you and just go do your job. Doing your best is as much mental as it is physical. You don’t need to worry about competing against others – you need to worry about competing with yourself.

Skills testing is also a big piece of these camps. High school combines and camps basically mirror the NFL combine at which your forty-yard dash, your three-cone drill, your standing broad jump, your vertical jump, your ten-yard shuttle run, and, at some camps and combines, you may be tested on your bench press. If for some reason you feel you were unable to give your finest performance at any of these testing stations, do not hesitate to approach the coach testing the event to ask for a repeat attempt. In most cases, the coach will give you that opportunity as long as you are realistic.

Once again I cannot emphasize how important it is to be mentally prepared for each event. As your number is called to begin the event, step aside, clear your mind, and focus on achieving a great performance. I will be rooting for you! – Coach Bob Chmiel

About Coach Chmiel

Bob Chmiel is one of the most respected Recruiting Coordinators in the history of college football, having held the position at Northern Illinois University, Northwestern University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Notre Dame. During his illustrious career, his teams appeared in fourteen college bowl games (including six Rose Bowls). He has over twenty-five years of experience working with football recruiting, and now, he serves as Dark Horse Sports Recruiting’s Director of Football Recruiting. For more information on Coach Chmiel, visit