Justin Pierce (Profile)

Justin Pierce (Profile) Justin Pierce was a member of the Class of 2016 who came to Dark Horse Sports Recruiting with his mind set on playing college ball. While he originally had no official offers, Justin played his way into contention and in the process set his high school’s record for 3-pointers before [...]

Mike Hood (Profile)

Mike Hood (Profile) Mike Hood hails from Plainfield, a small town in Illinois. He was a strong student, earning grades that showed he was a true student scholar. When he wasn’t studying, Mike was playing basketball for his hometown team Plainfield Central High School. Mike wanted came to Dark Horse Recruiting hoping to [...]

Tai Bibbs (Profile)

Tai Bibbs (Profile) Tai Bibbs came to Dark Horse Recruiting from West Chicago High School as a basketball client. Our staff appreciated his skills and his 6’ 3” frame, but more importantly, they noted his passion and work ethic. Tai’s attitude translated to great success on the court. When he signed on, Tai [...]

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