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2021 6’6 F Cameron Schmidt

In an era of basketball that often favors finesse over grit, players who are willing to do the “dirty work” can be hard to find.

Cameron Schmidt, though, takes pride in this line of work.

2021 6’6 F Cameron Schmidt

2021 6’6 F Cameron Schmidt

Schmidt, a 6’6 junior wing, has a nose for the basketball in a way that few players do. While competing against high-level competition on the club circuit with his Mercury Elite team last spring and summer, it was not uncommon for Schmidt to secure 10+ rebounds game in and game out. Cam’s former AAU coach, Pat Kramp, says that he most appreciated Cam’s contributions to the team on the defensive end of the floor, stating that Schmidt “consistently rebounded and blocked shots at a high level on the defensive end of the floor, and his impact on the game was unmistakable.”

While Cam’s physical strength, athleticism, and mindset equip him well to dominate the glass and win every 50/50 battle, his skill set is versatile and enables him to play both inside and out. On the perimeter, Schmidt has worked hard to strengthen his ball-handling skills while turning himself into a consistent knock-down shooting threat. His trainer, Jess Henderson, has worked to prepare the former big man for a wing-based role at the college level, and he says “Cam has really improved his skills on the court, and his work ethic combined with his length and athleticism lead me to believe that his potential is immense.”

Schmidt’s current skill set projects nicely to a position on the wing or as a step-out four man in college, but his vast experience as an interior presence growing up has equipped the tough junior with an arsenal of post moves that he can leverage when matched up with smaller defenders. This versatility applies not only on the offensive end of the floor, but also on defense, where Cam’s quick feet and upper body strength equip him to effectively guard up to four positions on the court.

Though still at the early stages of the recruiting process for the 2021 class, several schools are already communicating consistently with Schmidt, who captured the attention of college coaches across the Midwest at a series of showcase events last fall. Looking toward the spring and summer, programs in need of a tough and versatile wing presence will be in competition for the high-upside Schmidt.

Now, allow us to introduce you to Cam in his own words:

  1. As you think ahead toward your ideal college situation, what factors are most important to you in picking a school? What are you looking for in a school and basketball program?
    Relationships are going to be an important part of my decision-making process. I hope to join a team that values unity and brotherhood, and I want my coaches not only to invest in my development on the court, but also off the court. Along the same lines, my ideal college program will consist of strong upperclassmen leaders who are willing and able to show me and the other underclassmen what it takes to be a successful college basketball player. Finally, I want to go to a school that students are proud to attend, as this school spirit will motivate me on and off the court.
  2. From your perspective, what are your greatest on-court strengths that you will bring to your future college program?
    I take pride in controlling the glass, which I think sets me apart from most other players. I believe that rebounding is not just about toughness, but that having a high basketball IQ also plays a role in making me an effective rebounder. Finally, I feel that I see the court well, which allows me to set my teammates up for easy buckets.
  3. During this coronavirus-inflicted “shelter-in-place”, which aspects of your game are you working to improve? And how are you being creative with your workout routine?
    Now that we’re spending more time at home, I’ve built a rigorous regimen aimed at preparing me for basketball – whenever it returns. I work out with weights in our home gym daily, I train virtually with my trainer, I use an outside court to refine my shooting stroke and to practice contact-oriented drills with my dad, and I’m regularly pounding on my ball handling abilities to prepare myself for the college level.
  4. If we asked your teammates what their favorite part about playing alongside you was, what would they say?
    My energy fuels my team, and I’m dedicated to placing the success of the team over my own personal accolades. I also pride myself in stepping into leadership positions to help guide my team toward an end goal.
  5. During this time in which college coaches cannot travel to watch you play live, what’s one thing you’d like for those coaches to know about you?
    I’m not only receptive to constructive feedback, I crave it. To be the best I can be, I know that I need to learn from those who know much more than I do. Along those same lines, my game is fueled by passion, and this passion is evident not only in how I play, but also in how I work. I know that the best college players are elite athletes, and I’m continuing to work hard to make myself the best athlete I can be for my future team.

Interested in learning more about Cameron?

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