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2021 5’7 G Emma Raupp

When it comes to building a program, every college coach looks for something different in the players that he or she recruits. Some coaches prioritize size, others target versatility, and still more look to collect shooters in an increasingly perimeter-oriented game.

But every coach looks for a player like Emma Raupp.

2021 5’7 G Emma Raupp

2021 5’7 G Emma Raupp

In the words of her AAU coach, M14’s Ryan Haun, “Emma shows up every day. She works her butt off every day. And she does whatever it takes to help her team win without ever second-guessing it”. Raupp, the athletic, 5’7” junior combo guard out of Schaumburg High School who is just as fierce on the lacrosse field as she is on the basketball court, has made a name for herself in Illinois’ class of 2021 the old fashioned way: by striving to be the hardest working player each time she steps foot on the court.

Over the course of her high school career to date, Emma has worked to develop into a consistent offensive scoring threat, and she pairs a smooth perimeter jump shot with the handles necessary to attack the basket off the dribble. But rather than providing value as a scorer alone, Raupp prides herself on performing the duties that are not always captured on a stat sheet. When an offensive player comes barreling down the lane, you can bet that Emma will step in and take the charge. When there’s a loose ball, it’s safe to assume that Emma will be the first one to dive on the floor. And when competing against a highly-touted opponent, Emma welcomes the opportunity to match up defensively against the team’s best player. “Her game isn’t built on performing one specialized role,” said Haun. “She does it all well, and she fills the role her team needs her to fill to win games”.

Off the court, the junior is perhaps even more impressive than she is on it. Beyond playing multiple varsity sports, Emma holds a 3.8 GPA and aspires to study Biology upon entering college. Her character is highly-regarded by all those around her, and Coach Haun even calls Raupp “one of the best kids – and a member of one of the most supportive families – that I’ve ever worked with”.

In the months ahead, we expect Emma to become a highly-coveted small college recruit, and the program that is lucky enough to secure her commitment stands not only to gain a player who will help them win games, but also an individual who will consistently push her teammates and her coaches to be their very best.

Now, allow us to introduce you to Emma in her own words:

  1. As you think ahead toward your ideal college situation, what factors are most important to you in picking a school? What are you looking for in a school and basketball program?
    When it comes to picking a school, I’m looking for a place with strong academics and a program that has experience winning and coaches who care to build relationships with their players. I believe that mutual respect between players and coaches is key – the players should always be looking out for the coaches, and the coaches should always be protecting the best interests of their players. It’s also important to me that my college program is a place where the expectations are high, as I want to be pushed to grow as a player and a person by those around me.
  2. From your perspective, what are your greatest on-court strengths that you will bring to your future college program?
    My greatest on-court strengths are my on-ball defense and my ability (and willingness) to step in and take charges. My ability to knock down open shots will be valuable to my future college program, as will my ability to attack the room and make the correct decision between finishing when necessary and dishing to my teammates in positions where they can be successful. Most of all, though, I think that my high basketball IQ and leadership capabilities will help my team.
  3. During this coronavirus-inflicted “shelter-in-place”, which aspects of your game are you working to improve? And how are you being creative with your workout routine?
    I’ve been working hard to strengthen my ball-handling abilities, as I know that this is an important area of continued improvement for me prior to heading off to college. I’ve also been taking shots in my driveway and working on finishes. Keeping in shape for the upcoming season is also a priority for me, and I’ve been lifting in my basement, going on runs, and using our stationary bike to stay ready.
  4. If we asked your teammates what their favorite part about playing alongside you was, what would they say?
    I think they’d say that they love the way I celebrate both the little and the big things both on and off the court. I believe that I have a positive attitude, I’m focused on encouraging my teammates and recognizing their assists, and I’m always talking on the court. I believe that my teammates also appreciate my hustle, my willingness to get on the ground to chase loose balls, the high speeds at which I play defense, and my dedication to giving every moment of play my best.
  5. During this time in which college coaches cannot travel to watch you play live, what’s one thing you’d like for those coaches to know about you?
    I want coaches to know that I work hard on the court and in the classroom, I’ll work to achieve goals, and that I will always give everything I have to my teammates and coaches.

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