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2021 5’4 PG Kenzie Senffner

In today’s game, the “true point guard” is a luxury that is increasingly difficult to find. This title does not apply to just anyone who can handle the ball or find a teammate for an open shot, but rather, it belongs to the players who impact the game by bringing the best out of those around them.

According to M14’s Director of Girls Basketball, Ryan Haun, Yorkville junior Kenzie Senffner fits the bill.

2021 5’4 PG Kenzie Senffner

2021 5’4 PG Kenzie Senffner

“Kenzie does everything that any coach could want out of a point guard. She’s not only an excellent passer who doubles as a scoring threat capable of getting buckets on demand, but she also picks up her teammates, makes sure they’re in the right spots, and provides energy in a way that brings out the best in them.”

Indeed, the scope of Senffner’s impact on the game is evident through to those who watch her nearly immediately. She is neither “pass first” nor “score first” from the point guard spot, but instead demonstrates an elite basketball IQ by taking advantage of the opportunities made available by the defense. Kenzie is an offensive threat who may capture the attention of onlookers with her lightning quick shooting release and confidence from seemingly unlimited range, but it’s the depth of her offensive abilities that has attracted college coaches. She’s fearless around the basket and is comfortable finishing through bigger defenders. Moreover, in a modern game that is heavily focused on perimeter scoring, Kenzie has invested in developing an elite mid-range game. In the context of both high school and club basketball environments, Senffner has showcased an arsenal of college-ready scoring weapons at all three levels.

Though she’s capable of filling the stat sheet, Kenzie’s intangibles are perhaps even more valuable in the eyes of college coaches. Kenzie’s high school coach, Kim Wensits, added that “Kenzie is a coach on the court. As coaches, we’re always looking for leaders. She’s always thinking, whether it be an offensive possession, an idea for summer basketball, or a way to get younger kids involved in the program – her brain is always churning. Best of all, she isn’t afraid to speak up and share those ideas. Whether it’s an easy conversation or a difficult one, she doesn’t shy away from the discussion.”

She’s an excellent leader who is consistently the most vocal player on the floor, and her competitiveness and positivity have a real effect on those around her in both practices and games. And, when she steps off the basketball court, she’s a tremendous student who has accumulated a 4.2/4.0 GPA through three years at Yorkville High School.

The college interest surrounding Senffner has escalated rapidly over the past several months, and she has the potential to be a centerpiece to a strong small college recruiting class by the time she graduates high school.

Now, allow us to introduce you to Kenzie in her own words:

  1. As you think ahead toward your ideal college situation, what factors are most important to you in picking a school? What are you looking for in a school and basketball program?
    Academics are top priority for me, and I specifically hope to find a fit at a school with a strong Business Marketing program. As I research schools, I like to watch as much game film as I can to better understand how each program operates. While watching the games I watch for offenses and defenses I am familiar with as well as interactions amongst players and coaches.
  2. From your perspective, what are your greatest on-court strengths that you will bring to your future college program?
    I feel I am able to handle ball pressure and see the entire court. I have good court vision that helps me to find open teammates in positions where they can be successful, but I’m also comfortable creating and knocking down open shots. I take my role as a floor general seriously on both ends of the floor, and I am constantly communicating to my teammates. Additionally, my effort is consistently at 110% in both practices and games.
  3. During this coronavirus-inflicted “shelter-in-place”, which aspects of your game are you working to improve? And how are you being creative with your workout routine?
    During this time, I have worked on ball handling by participating in Zoom training with Andrew from M14. I have looked to Twitter and Instagram for different shooting drills (thanks Prosper Basketball), and I continue to work on my endurance by running sprints and hills whenever the weather cooperates. Four times a week, I work through online workouts with strength and conditioning staffs, and while we’re not able to be in the gym together, I take part in Zoom meetings with my M14 team three times a week to continue to work on culture and team bonding.
  4. If we asked your teammates what their favorite part about playing alongside you was, what would they say?
    My teammates would say I am a leader on and off the floor, that I work hard every day, and that through the good times and the bad, I’m fun to be around.
  5. During this time in which college coaches cannot travel to watch you play live, what’s one thing you’d like for those coaches to know about you?
    I am one of the hardest workers in the gym during the season and the off season!

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